Anchorage York Rite Bodies

Anchorage, Alaska


Meets 3rd Friday of each month except June, July and August.

York Rite Masons of Alaska
518 E. 14th Ste. 1
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
(907) 274-8051


Anchorage Chapter No. 3

Royal Arch Masons

 2017 Officers

High Priest Bruce Kling
King Johnnie Wallace
Scribe Michael Horton
Treasurer Dale Cain
Recorder Dennis Oakland, PHP
Captain of the Host David Oaks
Principal Sojourner Jack Newell
Royal Arch Captain Nick Adair
Master of the Third Veil John Bishop
Master of the Second Veil
Master of the First Veil David Worel
Chaplain Lee Seagondollar




Anchorage Council No. 1

Royal Select Masters

2017 Officers

Illustrious Master Bruce Kling
Deputy Master Michael Horton
Principal Conductor of the Work John Bishop
Treasurer Dale Cain
Recorder Dennis Oakland, PIGM
Chaplain Lee Seagondollar
Captain of the Guard Nick Adair
Conductor of the Council David Oaks
Steward Jack Newell
Sentinel Johnnie Wallace




Commandery No. 2

 2017 Officers

Eminent Commander SK Bruce Kling
Generalissimo SK John Bishop
Captain General SK David Oaks
Treasurer SK Dale Cain
Recorder ESK Dennis Oakland
Senior Warden SK Michael Horton
Junior Warden SK Jack Newell
Prelate SK Lee Seagondollar
Standard Bearer SK Nick Adair
Sword Bearer SK Johnnie Wallace


Grand York Rite of Alaska

Last updated June 28, 2017